New companies accepted until 31 December 2014

The International Business Centre of Madeira will be able to authorize the entry of new companies until the 31st of December, 2014.

Following a previous authorization given in November of 2013, the European Commission has extended the deadline for the licensing of new companies, under Regime III of the IBCM, for six more months, that is, until the end of December of this year.

This decision meets the expectations of various entities involved in the operation and development of the IBCM, providing international investors with a clear message of trust, credibility and stability.

After the recent revision of the ceilings applicable to the taxable profits of companies licensed to operate in the IBCM, the subsequent negotiation with Brussels of the IV Regime of the IBCM may provide Madeira with a stronger and reinforced tool for economic development.


source: IBC Madeira