By legislation approved in Lisbon and in Brussels by European Commission, tax advantages have been granted to the Portuguese companies registered in Madeira Island under International Business Centre of Madeira (IBC) legislation.

Madeira is presently one the best locations in the E.U. for companies with operations in the European single market and worldwide.

With reduced taxation, adequate infrastructures, competitive operational costs, safety and quality of life, Madeira is positioned to provide investors with a unique package of benefits, offering a wide range of solutions to enhance the efficiency and performance of various forms of investment.

Moreover, Madeira’s preferential tax regime has not only been approved by Portugal but also by the European Union as a valid form of State aid for regional development, providing the IBC of Madeira with a stable and fully regulated and supervised business environment, thus adding to its international image of credibility and transparency.

Madeira, is an island of Portugal, fully integrated in the E.U. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, 900 km southwest of Lisbon.

The archipelago, with a total population of nearly 268,000 inhabitants, with the city of Funchal as its most important centre, with 112,000 inhabitants.

Madeira’s appeal to international investors have been the result of the island’s consistently low inflation rate, low taxation, and it’s extremely competitive operational costs, in comparison with other European locations.