International Connections

Madeira is connected daily to several international cities by flights operated by different Portuguese and International Airlines.
There will be over 20 daily flights to and from Lisbon and Oporto, operated by TAP, SATA, Transavia and EasyJet.
From Tuesday to Saturday, there will be at least one daily connection with London, either operated by TAP or EasyJet. Also there will be directly flights from Paris and Amsterdam twice a week, operated by Transavia.
Other regular direct flights include Oslo, Zurich, Hamburg, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow.
For further information on regular or charter flights to and from Madeira, please visit the following page on the portuguese airport authority website:

Other Advantages

• Competitive Operational costs when compared with similar jurisdictions (Netherlands, Luxemburg, etc);
• Pro-Business Labour Legislation providing favourable conditions for the recruiting of specialised Human Resources;
• Simple process in order to obtain a Work Visa;
• Quick and easy adaptation of families;
• Favourable Time Zone for business between Americas, Europe and Asia;
• Privileged economic, political and cultural relationship with Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape-Verde (CPLP) sharing the same language;
• Low crime rate;
• Mild climate throughout the year.

Management and Control

To benefit from the tax benefits, companies must have a local legal representation in Madeira, which our office can help provide.