General Criteria

To benefit from the fiscal regime all companies must:

  • Initiate activity within 6 months from the licensing date (international services); and
  • Have at least one paid employee and invest a minimum of € 75,000 in tangible or intangible fixed assets within the first two years of activity; or
  • Have 6 or more paid employees.


In order to benefit from the tax regime, all companies are obliged to employ at least one worker in the first 6 months of operation.

Moonstone can provide the best solutions to fulfill the job creation criteria, as well as prepare the payroll and attend to statutory requirements.

Assets That QUALIFY As Investments

• Assets of a medium to long term nature qualify as investment;
• Intellectual property including patents, trademarks, image rights;
• Property and other immovable assets for commercial use;
• Fixed assets used in day to day activity of the company;
• Medium to long-term financial assets (more than 1 year) including participations held in other companies.

Assets that DO NOT Qualify as Investment

• Short-term financial assets (less than 1 year);
• Cash Deposits held in the company’s bank account;
• Investment Portfolios.

Job Creation as an Alternative to Investment

It is possible to obtain an exemption from making the above mentioned investment by hiring at least 6 employees within the first 6 months since the incorporation of the company. Moonstone International Management has the best solutions to help its clients complying this job criteria, at a very reduced, one-off, cost.

Due Diligence Requirements

As with most countries in the world and particularly within European Union, due diligence requirements apply whereby financial organizations and professional representative are required to be clear as to the nature and background of the clients on whose affairs they are acting.

On the acquisition of a company or on receipt of a request to form a new company, we will request that due diligence forms be completed, signed and returned to our offices, before we can confirm the sale of the company or provide any services to our clients.